Greasy Gorilla
Quality hand painted pinstripe art!

Greasy Gorilla

Quality hand painted pinstripe art!

Phone: 614.598.6124
Email: greasy_gorilla_pinstriping

About Me

I'm a self taught pinstripe artist from Columbus, Ohio. I have been striping professionally since 2006 and I attend an average of 3 car/ motorcycle shows a week where I do most of my work. Everything is hand painted using top of the line brushes and paints. I've gained a reputation in the Ohio area as being professional, friendly, consistent, reasonable, entertaining, and a bit of a perfectionist. I strive for customer satisfaction and refuse to let you leave with my art until we are BOTH satisfied. Most of my customers have gone on to receive several awards and trophies. If you'd like any custom work, feel free to email me at greasy_gorilla_pinstriping@yahoo.com Thanks! -Oni

What is pinstriping?

Pinstriping originated thousands of years ago. It has been used throughout history as a way to accent everything from chariots to safes to furniture. In the 1950s, an artist by the name of "Von Dutch" began striping cars artistically in California. This is what we now consider modern pinstriping.

What will it cost?

It all depends on the size, complexity, and time spent. On average, an 8x10 freehand design with two colors costs about $75, or to stripe a set of two lines around a car will cost around $200. If you would like to give me artistic freedom, I charge $100 an hour for a "one of a kind" work of art.
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